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A small change in direction..

As of May 1, our business model at Chefs For A Day went down a slightly different path. The success of our Chef-To-School program really took us by surprise but gave us an opportunity to reflect on the need to introduce healthy and delicious nutrition to children in our schools, where we hope to instill good eating habits (and culinary skills!) that they can carry their whole lives. As a result, we closed our storefront location in Willowbrook and began focusing our energies on Chef-To-School programs and private events.

Chefs For A Day will continue to be involved in bringing the best in cooking and eating to children everywhere. If your children's schools aren't aware of our Chef-To-School program, (Click above for more information!) please let them know about the great benefits in showing students how they can make - and eat - yummy and nutritious food, in a fun and educational environment, guided by Chef Laura. As a result of the change of direction, Chef Laura is also continuing her own education at Benedictine University to ensure that she brings the latest in nutritional expertise to our business.

School PTA/Board members/Administrators/Teachers! Would you love to have an ISBE Award Winning nutrition education program at your school? Ask Chef Laura for the details.

Thank you all for your incredible support over the years. Please continue to contact Chef Laura at Laura@ChefsForADay.com or call (630) 765-5888.

We will continue to keep our website and facebook page active with our programs and info. We hope to see you as we continue to participate in community events over the year as well!

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